Disability RMS provides underwriting services for traditional and voluntary short-term disability and long-term disability, as well as individual medical underwriting for our association business. We also offer facultative pricing on large employer quotes. Our services include:

  • Pricing and Underwriting Assistance
  • Case Trend Analysis
  • Multi-Product Guidelines
  • Segment Analysis
  • Industry Assessment Tools
  • Performance Measures

Our risk selection philosophy and process are designed with a simple goal in mind: to provide clients with the ability to acquire and retain profitable business. We achieve these results through an experienced staff that focuses on creativity in plan design, pricing of individual risk and strong medical underwriting.

In order to assess the impact to our clients, we review prospective and renewal business by considering many factors:

  • Plan Design
  • Manual Rates
  • Client Company’s Marketing Strategy
  • Industry Classification
  • Claim Experience
  • Competition

And, through our industry involvement and leadership, we stay at the forefront of claim trends, economic changes and underwriting philosophies. That means we offer innovative solutions while providing competitive, profitable rates.

Claim Management

Behind our claims management is a fundamental philosophy: provide comprehensive claims management and maximum service and results to our clients. We understand that work and income are integral parts of life, so we partner with our clients to return employees to work as quickly and safely as possible. And, when returning an employee to work is not an alternative, we strive to provide the right level of income replacement.

Our claims management team includes experienced managed disability analysts and on-site physicians and nurses. Disability RMS has access to the expertise of a nationwide network of nurses and physicians, as well as industry-leading Social Security advocacy services.

Our disability claims services are tailored to our clients’ needs and include:

  • Claim Adjudication Including Full Third-Party Administration Services
  • Complex Claim Oversight
  • Legal and Regulatory Expertise
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Training
  • Audit Services
  • Form Development
  • Policy and Procedure Manuals
  • Vendor Network
  • Block Segmentation and Analysis
  • Claims Systems Assessment

Our team of experienced managed disability analysts, along with our creative approach, makes Disability RMS a leader in the industry.


Experience, accuracy, expertise and proprietary software position Disability RMS to meet all of your actuarial needs in the short-term disability, long-term disability and affinity markets. Our reinsurance pools allow us to collect invaluable pricing and product data — more information than our clients could gather on their own. Combined with our flexibility and creativity, Disability RMS calculates rates that are financially sound and competitive.

We offer a full-service package that keeps our clients’ needs in the forefront:

  • Reserve Calculations
  • Cash Flow Projections
  • Rate Filings
  • Block Analysis
  • Contractual State Filing
  • Rate Development and Analysis
  • Rate Formula Component Evaluation
  • Claim Block Buy-Out Evaluation

Our actuarial team holds FSA and ASA designations and brings more than 20 years of long-term disability actuarial pricing to the table.

Our clients rely on us to provide accurate pricing for their disability products.
Experience … accuracy … expertise — Disability RMS.


Disability RMS believes in customized solutions. Our experienced Compliance team will work with you to file a product tailored to your needs. Services provided include:

  • Regulatory Support
  • Filing Assistance
  • Product Impact Assessment
  • Customized Contract Drafting
  • Policy Updating
  • Product Research
  • Contract Comparison

We will help ensure that your finalized product is filed efficiently and accurately. Moreover, our relationships with state insurance departments and filing vendors help us expedite the process.

Our clients trust us to help them comply with the complex, ever-changing regulations in the marketplace.